The scariest four letter word for writers


And it doesn’t get any less scary once you have a book or two under your belt. So just hit that sucker. Hit it good. ;)

Before we go too much further into 2013, I need to get a few things off my chest.

Thank you to everyone who has thus far supported my dream of being a writer through purchasing my books. It is my most sincere wish that this is the year your dreams are generously bolstered and encouraged.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts about my work on their review sites. I don’t comment on them (it’s become a huge no-no for authors), but I do read many of them. As does my mom.

Thank you to everyone who has said that they can’t wait to read more of my work. On days when I felt like I was the worst possible writer in the world, incapable of stringing together a sentence, let alone a plot, your amazingly kind words kicked my self-pity-soaked brain in the tush.

Thank you to my friends and family for all of your encouragement, especially Dad. I believe that heaven has a special place reserved for the fathers of writers. After listening to us whinge and whine (all the while making seemingly endless cups of tea), they deserve it.

Thank you to my editor, and everyone at Carina Press who has championed my books. Yes, I’ve said thank you before. And I’ll keep saying it, because I appreciate the work you all do.

Here’s to a great 2013. Huzzah! :D


4 thoughts on “The scariest four letter word for writers

    • Hee hee! For me, ‘Sold’ was terrifying the first time around, but was definitely less so the second. ‘Send’ has been consistently scary! :D

  1. I’m chuckling cuz I thought: where was the four-letter word, I was too wrapped up in the blog itself. Duh to me. (had to scroll back)

    I’d like to thank-you as well, Natasha, for always being real and for the way you openly support others from your heart ~ trust me, it has gotten me through many a dark night of the soul. In fact, I was just listening to some of your WWA vids last night because they always pull me out of a funk – even just hearing you laugh and talk about your own journey.

    I’m so happy for you and all the success you’ve accomplished and have yet to accomplish ~ and there is so much more waiting for you! :) xxx

    Autumn (aka: the_ink_dancer ~ figured I should put that cuz I have a feeling you’ve seen it on Twitter and think: wth is this nutjob? lmao!)

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