Six Sentence Sunday – WIP – Hidden

Before we begin, a quick note: The Ravenous Dead has been out for almost a full week now, and I need to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who shared links, reviews, and general awesomeness related to it. I cannot say enough how deeply I appreciate it all.

This week my post is from a manuscript that’s very technically a WIP. Why technically? Well, ‘Hidden’ was origionally written as a novella (under a different title), which received a ‘revise (make it longer) and resubmit’ from a publisher. I completed the manuscript…then I had a crisis of confidence…and the manuscript was shoved to the back of the hardrive and forgotten.

Yep. So glad I sucked it up when The Stubborn Dead received an R & R from Carina!

I recently began rereading Hidden, and realized it was, well, pretty decent. Enough so that I’m going to run it through some edits to polish a few rough bits, and then submit it for consideration. Huzzah!

So here’s the blurb and opening lines of the first book in the Pandora paranormal romance series, ‘Hidden’:

When Erin St Germaine fulfils the dying request of a friend to locate an ancient trinket box and break the seal of a mysterious porthole, she never dreams she’ll in fact be offering herself as a sacrifice to an ancient evil. Nor does she anticipate that the Keeper of that porthole is a man she’s been searching for since her husband’s death.

Jonathan Moon, one of the last surviving members of the elfish Moon clan, can’t believe his eyes when Erin breaks the seal on the porthole he’s been protecting for hundreds of years. Not only is she the last human he ever imagined capable of completing such a blatantly stupid act, but she also happens to be the one woman he desired above all others, even as he swore to her dying husband he’d break all ties to her to ensure her safety.

With forty eight hours to recapture the creature released from the porthole, or have both Erin and Jonathan suffer a terrible death, the pair must move past old hurts in order to survive. But as passions rise, the creature reveals dangerous evolutions and alliances, making a bad situation even worse. It’s going to a long, hard forty eight hours . . . 


It was a steady, comforting drip. Pat, pat, pat. Warm fluid on wooden floors. Silvernan closed his eyes and savoured the sound. A trickle of blood slid languidly down his relaxed hand, eventually adding a single, irregular pat to the other rhythm. “Blood and water.” He snorted quietly in amusement. “Both so vaguely unappreciated by the creatures dependant on them for their existence.”


Um, yes, I am aware there’s maybe one or two more sentences there than six but, well, *mumblemumblemumble…*

Thanks for stopping by! :D Be sure to visit the Six Sentence Sunday website and take a peak at the veritable treasure chest of snippets available from a host of marvelous authors!

2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – WIP – Hidden

  1. Love the description here! I love the use of sound (Pat, pat, pat.) and feeling (slid languidly). Great six (errr.. 8! I think it should be by word count really, if more than six sentences, no more than 100 words.)

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