Grooving while I endanger (fictional) people – Giveaway wk 4

Hello, holiday Monday! It’s Victoria Day up here in Canada, the official public celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday (which actually falls on May 24). Most people are either sleeping off earlier festivities, watching parades (and getting very wet while doing it, if you happen to be sitting along Douglas Street down in Victoria, BC), or sitting in ferry or border line ups waiting to come home. As for me, well, I’m cranking the tunes and spending some time with the Lost Souls crew, trying to work through the third book in the series.

Music is essential to me when I’m writing. It sets the mood or the tone for a scene. If I’m stuck, chances are if I flip through a few songs eventually one will grab my attention enough that I can use it’s tempo to pull me through a writing block. Certain genres of songs only work for certain stories, sometimes only certain characters. For example, with the Lost Souls series I tend to lean towards rock with a dash of alternative thrown in. I basically need ‘intensity’ and ‘grit’ on tap. Unless I’m working on a quieter scene between Rachel and Kit, when I’ve been known to play ‘If I die young’ by The Band Perry or ‘Space between’ by Meghan Tonjes on loop…


(Don’t fret, Team Janus fans – I have this recurring image of Rachel and Janus having a very deep, sweet moment to ‘If I die young’ as well. I just for the life of me cannot figure out when or where this happens. My brain, she is such a tease!)

Which brings us to this week’s giveaway question/s – does music move you to be creative? If so, how, and which songs work best for you? There are two ePub versions of The Stubborn Dead up for grabs again this week-end, so have at ‘er!

As always, a few things to keep in mind. Entries close on Friday night of this week, and winners will be posted on Saturday. Only posts made on THIS blog – – are valid (yes, I still have someone altering and posting my entries to their voice acting blog. Welcome to the internet, folks). Also, please make a comment related to the question posed on each post (I’d hate to think you were a spam poster). Please keep in mind that I’m posting from the West Coast of Canada (ie Pacific Time), so if you’re in England/Australia/etc, please make adjustments regarding closing times and posting winners. And lastly, only one win per person for the duration of this giveaway month (with the exception of added giveaways for The Ravenous Dead). If you want to enter on ‘behalf of your friend’, please rather have your friend enter themselves (I don’t bite, and I don’t sell anyone’s emails if they win. Promise.)

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