Giveaway wk 2 – Remedies for what ails you

Well the 5 week giveaway of The Stubborn Dead got off to a slow start last week. As in there were no comments, and thus no winners. (True as Bob, folks, I don’t bite.) So this week we’ll have two ePub copies to give away in anticipation of the July release of the second book in the Lost Souls series, The Ravenous Dead.

Why am I not giving away copies of Ravenous? Well, for one, the ePub file’s not ready. And two, Ravenous isn’t a stand alone story, so if you haven’t read Stubborn yet, well, I’m giving you a bit of time to catch up.

Will I give a copy of Ravenous away? Darn tootin! I’m just not sure when. (And yes, if you win a copy of Stubborn you can absolutely enter to win Ravenous when I post a giveaway blog for it.)

So, on to this week’s topic! Last week I was under the weather for three days. Try as I might to be otherwise, each time I realized I wasn’t going to be able to participate in my work practicum, I became utterly stressed out, which made me feel even worse. And each time, just like clockwork, one of our cats would walk up and give me a sweet feline look as if to say ‘There, there. Nothing much that can be done about it, so how about you and I snuggle for a bit?’ While the simple act of scratching her head and listening to her purring might not have alleviated my symptoms, it did allow me to relax enough to let my body get on with fixing whatever it was that was wrong with my gut. So my question is this – do you have a ‘pet MD’ in the house like I do? If not, what do you do to help your body recover faster when you’re not feeling so great?

As always, a few things to keep in mind. Entries close on Friday night of this week, and winners will be posted on Saturday. Only posts made on THIS blog – – are valid (yes, I still have someone altering and posting my entries to their voice acting blog. Welcome to the internet, folks). Also, please make a comment related to the question posed on each post (I’d hate to think you were a spam poster). Please keep in mind that I’m posting from the West Coast of Canada (ie Pacific Time), so if you’re in England/Australia/etc, please make adjustments regarding closing times and posting winners. And lastly, only one win per person for the duration of this giveaway month (with the exception of added giveaways for The Ravenous Dead). If you want to enter on ‘behalf of your friend’, please rather have your friend enter themselves (I don’t bite, and I don’t sell anyone’s emails if they win. Promise.)