You can’t think like a grown up

Cripes! When did the first half of February vanish into thin air?

The manic speed at which the month is going by aside, I’ve found myself indulging in retro cartoons lately. Care Bears, Smurfs, She-Ra, Batman – whatever happens to be on, I’ll sit and give it a watch. Funny thing about watching these old shows, is that I have a keen collection of rampant positive feelings towards them, but a huge portion of that emotion tends to become horribly bruised by my ‘grown-up’ mind.

What do I mean? Well, if you happened to be sitting in my head as I was watching She-Ra, you might hear this:

“Apart from her voice, there’s no physical difference between Adora and She-Ra – why can’t people tell they’re the same person? Does no one wear pants in that universe? Apart from Bo, that is. Speaking of Bo, is he or isn’t he a good singer? Character consistency matters, people! The tights manufacturers must make a killing between Ethera and Eternia. On the upside, at least there appears to be fewer hairy undies in Etheria. *cough*Adam’spurplehairyundiesoverpurpletights*cough* Does no one ask Adora where she goes to when She-Ra arrives? She’s supposed to be the leader of the rebellion, for goodness sakes! People would miss her if she vanished going into battle. Really, Bo? A heart on your chest? REALLY? They have tanks and lasers, but they can’t put in tarred roads and have cars to drive, instead of horses to ride?”

And so on.

As a child I didn’t think that way (alright, by the time I was old enough to watch the X-Men I was starting to question the undies-over-tights fashion statement, but still). When I was little, all I was interested in was the adventure! The story! The heroes vanquishing the villains! Huzzah! Zap! Crash! Kappow! Heroic laughter as we head to the credits! Grab the related merchandise and go tearing off to replicate the just watched story with my sister!

When did the minor details start to carry more meaning than the story?

Not that minor details aren’t important. They can be critical, especially in stories that rely on subtleties to pack an emotional punch. I belive though that sometimes, just sometimes, we need to let go of the details, and just enjoy the stories around us. Stop focusing on the ‘why’ of little things at the expense of the big adventure. And laugh. God only knows the world needs to let go and have a good, silly laugh once in a while.

So turn on the telly, pick a channel for kids, and watch a few cartoons for the heck of it. Just half an hour of nothing but seeing the grand, Technicolor adventure. Tell the grown up brain to go grab a mojito – it can dissect the possible cultural references for purple hairy undies when you’re done having a laugh.

So, what are your favorite cartoons, past or present?


2 thoughts on “You can’t think like a grown up

  1. She-Ra, He-Man, Care Bears, Garfield and Frients, Muppet Babies, Muppets, Thundercats (the ORIGINAL cartoon), The Get-Along Gang…geez, I think they’re too many! But those are the top ones. I also still enjoy watching the reruns of Looney Toons and the Pink Panther (LOVE that cartoon), plus the cartoons with The Pink Panther; The Inspector and the Ant and the Aardvark :)

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