Mall Ghosties

Eight weeks until The Stubbord Dead’s release day, and one day until the malls become places where angels might fear to tread.

What? Malls are already packed with Christmas shoppers? That may be true, but when December officially rolls around shoppers get that unmistakable ‘crazy’ gleam in their eye. (And that’s the crazy INSIDE THE MALL gleam. We won’t get into the crazy PARKING LOT gleam. *shiver*)

So in the spirit (you can groan. That was an intentional ghost pun) of festive shopping, I went looking for stories about haunted malls and shops. Now, we all know about haunted pubs, hotels, and hospitals. But stores? Yes, apparently even the disembodied enjoy hanging out between well-stocked aisles. Or the food court, as may be the case.

  • Chapelfield Shopping Centre in Norwich, England is rumoured to have frequent haunting activity. Some people have suggested it may be linked to the discovery of a 12th Century well with the remains of 10 people (including children) inside. There are at least two (disputed) CCTV videos of ghostly goings-on at this mall.
  • Jervis Shopping Centre in Dublin is another mall with CCTV videos of items moving without explanation. The centre was built on a former hospital site. Apparently most of the facade of the former hospital has been retained and incorporated into the mall.
  • The Toys’R’Us superstore in Sunnyvale California supposedly sits on land that was used in the 19th century as a ranch and apple orchard. Not so scary, right? Well, turns out a previous employee of the ranch named ‘Johnny’ likes to walk the aisles, occasionally moving items. Opening/morning staff have apparently reported multiple instances of finding stock scattered across the floor.

Have you had any unexplained occurrences while in your local mall? (And I’m not talking about how prices magically increase from the point you pick up that printer box, to the moment you arrive at the till. Yes, I’m looking at you, local Big Blue Electronics Box Store.) As always, I’d love to hear about your thoughts, adventures and experiences.

Have a great week, and remember to smile! (It hides the crazy gleam somewhat. ;) )

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